Wonder Woman


Strain Details
Type: Hybrid
Strain Family: Skunk
Origin: Amsterdam

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Those with a discerning palate will quickly notice a chiefly diesel fuel aroma intermixed with some citrus-like undertones. Once inhaled you taste nothing but lemon flavored jet fuel. Upon exhale; your senses are overwhelmed with the complexity of this hybrid strain.

Wonder Woman’s breathtaking fuel-like fragrance kicks ass on its competition. Reeking of petrol and skunk, the uncontrollable aroma on this crusader is definitely overpowering. Jar this female crime fighter; she’s as stinky as they come.

As a hybrid, Wonder Woman has a relatively tight flowering arrangement, complete with sticky trichome encrusted nugs that sparkle in their visible balloon-like structure. As a 60/40 hybrid, Wonder Woman’s appearance is pure indica, hitting only 2-3 feet at full maturation when cultivated indoors.

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