Green Crack(Green Candy)






Green Crack has large buds that are neon green in color with slight hints of purple on her flowers. Her pistils are bright orange in color, sticking out all over her crazy colored buds. This funky looking flower boasts quite the voracious crystal content with cloudy and amber trichomes covering her body from tip to stalk.Green Crack for sale

Green Crackhas a very sticky consistency that is quite similar to a greasy and sticky cinnamon bun. Better get a grinder for this one because you might get a little frustrated with this super sticky gal.

Upon cracking open her jar you release aromas of cayenne, lemongrass, and vanilla. After breaking up a fatty nugget you can really smell her range of aromas that offer hints of lemon rind, cedar wood, and blueberry hard candy. After smoking, she leaves a wonderful sweet smell in the air that is reminiscent of Halloween night.

After inhaling a massive cloud, you can taste her robust fruity, woodsy flavor that has a plethora of different characters. You can taste hints of lemongrass, blueberries, mint, and fresh rosemary. After exhaling, she leaves a slightly sour fruity taste on your tongue that certainly lingers for a while.

Green Crack has an energetic high that allows you to complete work like a madman while enjoying her high-quality buzz. She gives you happy thoughts as she takes your mind on a trip.Green Crack for sale

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1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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