Goji OG


Strain Details
Type: Hybrid
Strain Family: OG
Origin: United States



As the name suggests, this strain’s terpenes and flavonoids smack of perfectly ripened Goji Berries – harvested at their height of flavor.

An eclectic aroma highlighted by a twist of berries and sugar. The full scent reveals itself when the nugs break up, allowing hints of licorice and anise to shine through. In the more OG dominant versions, pinesol and other OG indicators will co-exist.

Like its namesake of red, sour Himalayan GOJI Berries, this strain usually appears a tad leafy leafy, but has the entire visual spectrum covered, from velvety red to purplish green, GOJI OG has a little piece of every pie.

Somewhat coarse, especially if it’s a leafier, outdoor version. Once you reach its core, a powdery snow of trichomes awaits your fingertips.

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1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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