Emerald Jack(Eddie Jah)


Strain Details
Type: Hybrid
Strain Family: OG
Origin: United States



Upon inhaling her potent smoke you taste a deep earthy piney flavor that quickly awakens all your taste buds. She hits you with accents of orange, lime, skunk, and curry powder as you taste her complex smoke. After exhaling you can taste an array of spicy flavors such as jerk seasoning, and Thai chili peppers.

After opening her jar she fills the room with a sour, musty odor that you can easily detect from a block away. As you get into her nuggets she explodes with aromas of pine, skunk, lemon zest, and chemical cleaner with a drizzle of Sriracha and roasted red peppers. After smoking she leaves her perfumery scent in the room, making her the most popular guest at any party.

Emerald Jack has golf ball sized nuggets that are in the shape of diamonds. She has deep forest green color with accents of lime green and purple through her colorful flower. She has flaxen colored hairs that cover her flowers like a gorilla’s heavily haired body. Her most eye appealing quality is her crystal content, that basically looks like a powdered sugar donuts with light colored crystals oozing off of her buds

Emerald Jack has a greasy oozing trichome like consistency that is often hard to break up- by hand. A grinder is definitely recommended.

Additional information


1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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