Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsule


-Convenient and discreet medicating on-the-go.
-Doesn’t smell (after you make the oil).
-Lasts longer and is stronger than smoking or vaping.
-Stores indefinitely in your freezer.
-Can be used as a suppository if you have trouble swallowing or are extremely nauseous.


Benefits of Cannabis Coconut Oil Capsules

Cannacaps are popular in dispensaries because they’re easy to dose and are convenient. They also don’t contain the varied amounts of fat and sugar that influence cannabinoid metabolism. If you eat a sugary tincture infused candy or a fat based cannabis chocolate bar that have the same THC content, you’re going to have very different effects because of how they’re metabolized by the liver. But if you take a cannacap in the morning or right before bed, you can be relatively sure that the capsule will have a similar effect and can increase or decrease your dosage from there.


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