Berry White


Strain Details
Type: Hybrid
Strain Family: Afghan
Origin: Washington



The blueberry notes are without a doubt the most prominent in this sweet and sour medley of flavors. The White Widow brings a touch of lemon and skunk which adds complexity to the already addicting Blueberry strain.

While the scent of crushed berries is what hits your nostrils first, it doesn’t overpower the pleasantly surprising floral notes. The unmistakable skunk stank from her White Widow father rings loud and clear amidst a sea of berry.

Large, well-formed, trichome-coated nugs are what you can expect in your bag of Berry White. Typically the nugs are a light green, with hues of lavender if you can even see the colors beneath her thick layer of crystals!!!

A perfect balance of dense yet fluffy, smooth yet sticky. Breaking open the nug results in a satisfying crack that can be further broken down by hand or grinder.

Additional information


1 oz, 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs, 1 lbs


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