4 Known Medical Uses of Cannabis

Cannabis is now widely discussed in the medical community, with more and more revered doctors encouraging patients to use it. CBD and THC, the most popular compounds of the cannabis plant, appear to have succeeded where technology failed. As many researchers continue to unveil the therapeutic properties of marijuana, we are witnesses to a myriad […]

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10 Worst Places in the World to be Caught with Weed

While cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes is slowly being legalized in many places there are still many countries where the plant remains very illegal. The penalties for trafficking or even just possessing weed can be brutal in many places around the world and those who don’t respect the local laws can expect […]

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How To Lose Weight While Using Cannabis Regularly

Although recent studies have shown that people who are chronic cannabis users have a waist size 1.5 inches smaller than their nonsmoking counterparts, it doesn’t mean that you can eat like a hog, watch Netflix, treat yawning as your own exercise, and expect the physique of an athlete at the same time. There are certain […]

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5 Best Vaporizers For Weed Concentrates

As much as lighting up a joint has this significant and almost ritualistic meaning, it’s not the best way to keep your lungs healthy. In fact, your body hates when you light stuff on fire and then inhale it into your lungs. Ingesting weed, on the other hand, seems like a quasi-Perpetuate mobile mechanism – […]

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5 Crazy Ways To Smoke Weed When You Have No Papers

Rolling your weed in papers is probably the most common and appreciated ways to smoke marijuana. There’s something particularly magical about passing a joint in the group of friends and enjoying a thick cloud of smoke from a beautifully rolled piece of art. However, there are times of emergency, namely when you suddenly run out […]

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How To Smell Proof Your Room

Living on your own comes with a myriad of perks, one of which is the freedom of letting the wonderful aroma of cannabis reign in your house. However, some people, because of their age or other reasons, have no choice but to hide their stash. Given that I’ve also been there at some time of […]

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CBD and THC: How Do They Affect Your Sleep?

You’re probably aware that there are different types of cannabis strains. Some of them will get you high (they’re rich in THC and they have low CBD levels), some just help you relax (High-CBD, low-THC). Most studies have examined high-THC strains so far, as CBD strains are more difficult to find in some areas of […]

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Is Smoking Weed Before Bed Good or Bad

Using marijuana before bed time is particularly popular among cannabis enthusiasts. Why is that so? Why do people enjoy their green nightcap so much? Let’s shed light on some marijuana research to explain why the weed and sleep seem to go hand in hand. Although insomnia is the most common illness treated with cannabis, the […]

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